Wood & Marble 


location:   Dnipro, Ukraine

function:   apartment

square : 120 м2  

status: build (2016)

designer:   S. Hotvianskyi

photographer:   A. Avdeenko

This apartment is made in elegant and minimalistic style and it is located in one of new housing buildings in Dnipro.

The initial store plan was free with insignificant limiters of two concrete columns. Our team designed a plan consisting of a

spacious living room, an office, owners’ bedroom, two bathrooms, functional and practical kitchen and a laundry place.

Certainly, the division into two functional zones was necessary: the public zone, including the hall, the laundry place, the guest

bathroom and a studio space combining the living room and the kitchen-dining room; and the private zone with the bedroom, the

office and the bathroom.

These zones are divided by a small corridor formed by walls of the bedroom, the office, a bathroom, the kitchen and one of

concrete columns.

A stationary wooden screen includes function of bookshelves and hides the corridor from public eyes, but at the same time, does

not prevent natural light from penetrating inside the living room.

A core of the composition of this interior is a rectangular volume, which is decorated with laths of wood of the American nut. The

volume contains two bathrooms. Its top is made of glass that gives the design additional ease and lets light penetrate into


We paid special attention to the finishing materials. So, in this interior, constructed on internal communications and conflicts,

incongruous materials — wood, marble, copper and concrete — perfectly matched each other.