location:   Dnipro, Ukraine

function:   store

square : 120 м2  

status:  build (2017)

team:   S.Hotvianskyi, M. Temnikov

photographer:   A. Angelovskyi

At the beginning of 2017 we received a commission on an interior project for a shop of clothes for women Week. The store is

located inside a soviet building from the 1950s.

After the beginning of work, we found out that this place has a long story of being rented. Each previous tenant changed, moved,

built and painted something. It occurred that under finishing there are wall of red bricks, colored beams, picturesque ceiling. We

decided not to hide them. But still the main thing in a clothes store is clothes.

From the floor to the level of two meters rises white wall, so nothing prevents clothes from being exposed neatly. Above this wall,

we can observe history of the place as it was.

The main advantage of this design is combination of style, speed and economic efficiency, because the project was completed only

in two months.

And because of exposition of the constructions we managed to decrease expenses on finishing.

Also a small coffee house is located inside of the store where you can make a break between fitting and shopping.