Two Levels 


location:   Dnipro, Ukraine

function:   house interior

square : 250 м2  

status: build (2014)

designer:   S. Hotvianskyi

photographer:   A. Avdeenko

A large modern house on the shore of the river was once a small residence where the family spent summer.


The family came to Nottdesign, when the process of transformation was already in full swing: the old house was joined by a new

part of much larger

volume, with the second floor. So all the corrections architects made literally on the fly.

According to the new planning, an elongated hall became a new center of the house. From here the space dynamically unfolded in

three directions: to the left and down to a large living room; to the right to the kitchen-dining room, which, together with the

guest bathroom has taken pre-existing building; and to the top to the second floor up the minimalist wooden staircase with

transparent tempered glass railing, encased in a metal frame.

Color scheme is based on rough surfaces resembling concrete, striking texture of warm American walnut, smooth white

background and spreading of black details. The second floor is a completely private area where the owners’ bedroom with a

dressing room and a bathroom, a children’s room and a guest room are located. Particular emphasis in the main bedroom is on

the maximum use of natural light. So the dressing room being a wooden cube in the center of the room has walls only 2.3 meters

high, so that a sufficient amount of light penetrates from above. The bathtub is located directly in the bedroom. In addition, even

a closed room with a toilet and bidet has traps for light — two narrow glazed slots on the sidewalls.