function:   floor lamp

client: Blanc

designer:   S. Hotvianskyi 



The main idea was to create a functional minimalist lamp with highly movable light source and a minimum of details, without the

use of mechanical fasteners and bolts.

The lamp consists of a thin metal stand with a stable base of stone and a separate lighting element with a monodiode.

The lighting element is attached to the stand with a hidden magnet, which allows it to be moved up and down and rotated around

a vertical metal axis.

In addition, the light source itself can be turned all the way to 360 degrees (in 18-degree increments) and fixed in the desired

position thanks to the guide disk with slots-grooves.

This design makes it possible to use the lamp as a source of both direct and reflected light.

In itself, the lamp represents a simple design with thin graphics lines, and at the same time, a group of MAGNETO lamps can

create a powerful art installation.