Lost House 


function:   weekend house

square : 50 м2  

status:  concept

architect:   S. Hotvianskyi

visualization:   A. Sholopova

Nowadays our world is overflowed with social contacts so sometimes one needs to find shelter of solitude. What could be better

for such place than a private house in the middle of nowhere. And even more, a house which nobody can find but you. 

Imagine yourself going through a wood or a valley and coming to a nice flat meadow. Your phone beeps — that’s the right place.

You take it out and press “Open”. Suddenly, right from beneath the earth a small house with green roof and glass walls arises. You

enter inside where you find everything you need — a proper home to live and rest. A windmill nearby provides electricity for all

you needs so you can stay here as long as you want. But once you are ready to get back to society just go out, press “Close” button

on the screen of your phone and the house will hide underground again until your next visit.