function:   candleholders set

designer:   S. Hotvianskyi

photographer:   S. Hotvianskyi


Candleholders Dnipro are the result of our favorite design approach — playing with scale.

Dnipro is the city we live in. It is the industrial center of the region.

​Every day each inhabitant of Dnipro sees some elements of industrial environment whether it is a pipe, a blast furnace, a silage,

a tank, a cooling or water tower etc.

Industrial landscape is printed inside our minds. And many people now throughout the world are living in industrial cities as

postindustrial society.

A lot of our parents or grandparents worked at factories.

Now the situation is different, industry doesn’t require many workers. But still industrial past is with us.

So we thought that we shouldn’t forget our roots. Because of that, we decided to bring industrial aura inside people’s homes.

Small sculptures reminding of panorama of their native cities can now stand anywhere around their house. By adding candle light

inside of it, we add warm memories from our childhood.