Fish in House 2.o 




client: Fish in House

location:   Dnipro, Ukraine

function:   store 

square : 50 м2  

status:  build (2018)

team:   S.Hotvianskyi, N.Pohorelova

photographer:   S.Hotvianskyi




Two years ago we have made an interior design of a fish store. This work is a reconstruction of the store. We decided to save the

main concept but to add elegance and freshness.

The dominant of the interior is a cloud of dark baskets reminding of fishing baskets. Stainless steel equipment is located

underneath them and makes the viewer think of grey cold water of a river or a sea. Other surfaces are decorated with stone to

make them similar to a rocky shore.

The store is located inside a city market and has two areas. The first one is a closed staff area and it serves a background for the

second one, which is an open space, where people can watch all the process of fish preparation before sale.